DIY: How To Hack Netflix And Uncover Secret Movies.

But what if you could browse other, more specific categories?


Well by inputting these secret codes, your quest for finding something to watch on Netflix will become a little easier.

Netflix has a ridiculous amount of titles, but it’s nearly impossible to just browse them all. So get access to new categories with this nifty trick.

Use These Secret Codes to Unlock Netflix's Hidden Categories

Netflix Hack to Get More Free Secret Movies. Hurry before they fix it! Awesome. Click To Tweetnetflix

When you go into the Netflix website you’ll get a URL with a number at the end.


That number is the key to finding new lists. If you play around with it, you can find more specific movie titles with lists that match your tastes that are more specific than the “subgenres” option.

Some examples of custom lists arePeriod Pieces, and visually awesome kids movies, for ages 5-7? The possibilities are endless with this list.

sports comediesnetflix

It provides a list of codes for tons of categories that aren’t offered by default. You can use this other list here to tinker around and create your categories that you can use to bookmark and browse. Happy hacking.

H/T Distractify