7 Discontinued Cars That We Will Miss In 2016

discontinued cars cover2

Every year we receive a new bunch of discontinued cars. Some we are happy to see go, some we won’t even notice are gone, and some we will miss dearly.

2015 was a great year for cars and 2016 looks promising as well but unfortunately we must say goodbye to a great group of discontinued cars with the turn of the new year.

Not every car can make a triumphant comeback like the Chevrolet Camaro and it is very likely that most of these won’t. We are forced to sit back and dream of them, wishing they were still in production.

2016 will see the end of quite a few great cars but these 7 will be harder to watch leave than the rest. On the bright side we will see the end of a lot of horrible cars this year as well.

We certainly won’t miss the Honda Crosstour or the Toyota Venza but we will be sad to see the likes of the Porsche 918 and Chevrolet SS (honorable mentions).

7. Scion xB

discontinued cars xb

The xB was like Ronald Reagan you either loved it or loathed it.

Though not a particularly handsome or important car, the Scion xB did start the square hatchback look that has been gaining popularity. Nobody else seemed to do it right though. They all looked like a bad knockoff of this car.

The Scion xB is the ugly step-child of the car world but that doesn’t mean it isn’t sad to watch it meet it’s demise. Scion was built off the popularity of the xB and arguably wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for the xB.

Even if you thought this car was ugly (it was), you can’t deny that it made Scion what it is today and inspired several other vehicles. Rest easy our boxed friend, rest easy.

6. Volkswagen Eos

discontinued cars eos

Perhaps a result of the whole emissions debacle, Volkswagen has been forced to cut back this upcoming year. An unfortunate victim of said cutbacks will be the Eos.

Though not particularly special, the Eos was a fun little convertible that suffered from a bit of an identity crisis. It wanted to be somewhere in between a roadster and a luxury convertible.

It was too expensive to compete with the likes of the Miata and the Mustang but not quite nice enough to run with an Audi TT or a Saab 9.3.

Perhaps this is the reason the Eos was cut but it will be missed by the few who admired it.

5. Ford Taurus

discontinued cars taurus

The Ford Taurus seemed like it would never go away. It has been marching strong since 1986 and has undergone countless redesigns but it seems that after 2016 it will all be over.

The Taurus has been high-selling vehicle but with the emergence of the Fusion it has become irrelevant. It isn’t big enough to justify the price jump from the Fusion and it doesn’t do enough to deserve it either.

The Fusion now sells more than the Taurus so we will see the end of an era by simple economics. The Fusion and the Taurus are virtually the same and therefore the model that makes less money is doomed to join the list of the discontinued cars in 2016.

At least we are going to get the Lincoln Continental back now. This is a worthy trade-off since you won’t have to buy a used Continental now.

4. Cadillac ELR

discontinued cars elr

It seems that GM is giving up on the luxury electric car to focus on the more successful Chevy Volt and a new cheaper Chevy Bolt to compete with the Tesla Model 3.

And you can’t blame them. The Volt is pretty successful where as the ELR may have sold 1000 units if you count some of them twice.

In other words it wasn’t successful at all. In fact, you may have not even known it existed.

So why are we going to miss it?

Eventually GM will have to have a competitor for the Tesla Model T and this was actually a really great contender for that position. It was also beautiful inside and out but it just couldn’t gain any attention due to the Tesla’s success.

3. Jaguar XK

discontinued cars xk

The XK will be greatly missed but we are at least fortunate enough to gain a worthy replacement in the F Type. With the F Type being a kind of modern day E type (one of the best cars in the world) I’m already a big fan of it.

That being said I grew up seeing the XK as a really exciting car, even if it couldn’t compete with Ferrari or Lambourghini.

The good news about the end of the XK will be buying one used. This car attracts a lot of attention so it will definitely help get you laid and you could afford one with a bit of extra money made online now that it joins the list of great discontinued cars.

2. Mini Cooper Coupe

discontinued cars mini coupe

I really love this car so I’m sad that it is being discontinued. Many said it is ugly or useless but those people forget what Mini Coopers are all about: fun.

The Mini Coupe was a neat little helmet-headed car. It was fast, had some space for your groceries, and your girl would love it as well.

The Mini Coupe is like a green smoothie, many hate it but the people who love it won’t be happy unless they have it every day.

1. Mercedes SLS AMG

discontinued cars slsamg

Gulwing doors, super car speeds, a drivetrain that takes you right to the edge, the SLS AMG had it all. We have to say goodbye to this beast of a car in 2016 and it will be greatly missed.

It started around 220k so most of us couldn’t afford it without making some serious money from our fantasy football leagues, but don’t let that price make you think you wouldn’t love this car.

It may be a dream car for most of us but there is nothing worse than waking up from a beautiful dream and that is what is happening with the SLS AMG joining the other discontinued cars on this list.

7 cars that we will never be able to buy new again and the SLS AMG is one of them. Can’t you take the Camry and give us back this Mercedes? Please?